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Rename vSphere datastore which is being used as Storage Path in vRA 7.2

Just for curiosity sake, This morning I have decided to see how vRA managed machines behave when I rename corresponding datastore name.

Let’s say I have a vSphere cluster being used as Compute Resource in vRA, and this cluster is being backed by a datastore named ‘datastore1’, and there are set of VMs residing on this datastore and are being managed by vRA 7.2, obviously in this case there’s a reservation in place which has got ‘datastore1’ selected as storage path.

Now, as I have just renamed datastore1 to a new name ‘NewDatastore1’ and triggered manual Inventory Data Collection. if I check back in reservation, the storage path name has been changed as per new name of the datastore.

and the corresponding database entries got updated without throwing any errors, which proves that rename of the datastore even if it is being used as StoragePath in vRA gets handled by quite well by vRA. a Simple data collection updates relevant entries.


vRO workflow execution tokens and state from Server.log

Lately I was working with a customer who requested that they need vRealize Orchestrator workflow execution token and state to be fetched from logs, since they have vRealize LogInsight in place which they wanted to make use of it.

This is when I looked in the server.log file and found following bits. in this case I created a workflow with name TestWorkflow1 and executed it directly using vRO client. Took token ID of the execution and filtered server.log file with it.

Execution Token ID: ff8080815c713c36015c9041dcd21f24

/var/log/vco/app-server # grep -i ff8080815c713c36015c9041dcd21f24 server.log
2017-06-10 04:27:34.486+0000 [http-nio-] INFO {} [Execution] Invoking workflow handler.ff8080815c713c36015c9041dcd21f24
2017-06-10 04:27:34.510+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-2] INFO {administrator@vsphere.local:TestWorkflow1:527daf33-2aac-423c-83b3-3c407c138fdc:token=ff8080815c713c36015c9041dcd21f24} [WorkflowHandler] Starting workflow ‘TestWorkflow1’ (ff8080815c713c36015c9041dcd21f24)…
2017-06-10 04:27:34.520+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-2] INFO {administrator@vsphere.local:TestWorkflow1:527daf33-2aac-423c-83b3-3c407c138fdc:token=ff8080815c713c36015c9041dcd21f24} [SCRIPTING_LOG] __item_stack:/item1
2017-06-10 04:27:34.539+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-2] INFO {administrator@vsphere.local:TestWorkflow1:527daf33-2aac-423c-83b3-3c407c138fdc:token=ff8080815c713c36015c9041dcd21f24} [SCRIPTING_LOG] __item_stack:/item0
2017-06-10 04:27:34.553+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-2] INFO {administrator@vsphere.local:TestWorkflow1:527daf33-2aac-423c-83b3-3c407c138fdc:token=ff8080815c713c36015c9041dcd21f24} [WorkflowHandler] End of workflow ‘TestWorkflow1’ (ff8080815c713c36015c9041dcd21f24), state: completed

Execution Token ID: ff8080815c713c36015c9052e0c21f2e

/var/log/vco/app-server # grep -i ff8080815c713c36015c9052e0c21f2e server.log
2017-06-10 04:46:09.606+0000 [http-nio-] INFO {} [Execution] Invoking workflow handler.ff8080815c713c36015c9052e0c21f2e
2017-06-10 04:46:09.628+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-3] INFO {administrator@vsphere.local:TestWorkflow1:527daf33-2aac-423c-83b3-3c407c138fdc:token=ff8080815c713c36015c9052e0c21f2e} [WorkflowHandler] Starting workflow ‘TestWorkflow1’ (ff8080815c713c36015c9052e0c21f2e)…
2017-06-10 04:46:09.644+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-3] INFO {administrator@vsphere.local:TestWorkflow1:527daf33-2aac-423c-83b3-3c407c138fdc:token=ff8080815c713c36015c9052e0c21f2e} [SCRIPTING_LOG] __item_stack:/item1
2017-06-10 04:46:09.677+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-3] INFO {administrator@vsphere.local:TestWorkflow1:527daf33-2aac-423c-83b3-3c407c138fdc:token=ff8080815c713c36015c9052e0c21f2e} [SCRIPTING_LOG] __item_stack:/item0
2017-06-10 04:46:09.687+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-3] INFO {administrator@vsphere.local:TestWorkflow1:527daf33-2aac-423c-83b3-3c407c138fdc:token=ff8080815c713c36015c9052e0c21f2e} [WorkflowHandler] End of workflow ‘TestWorkflow1’ (ff8080815c713c36015c9052e0c21f2e), state: completed

last line of both the log snippets are having state: completed which comes out as Failed in those execution which fails.

I must also mention the other easiest way I found to achieve this is documented step by step on following URL, where you literally go ahead and create a new workflow to get Execution Details of another workflows by just simply inputting name of the workflow.

I am working on my next post where I will explore vRLI and try to fetch history of execution tokens along with their states for a particular workflow.