How to reset administrator@vsphere.local account password in vRA 7.x?

Have you forgotten your administrator@vsphere.local account password which you created at the time of initial configuration of your vRA 7.x environment, here’s how you reset it.

1) Login into Master vRA Appliance VAMI using appliance root user
2) go to vRA Settings -> SSO
3) in password fields for administrator user account, enter new password that you want to set (Please remember you don’t need old password at all), also confirm the new password in confirm password field
4) Save settings
5) wait for 10 to 15 minutes (Once it comes with Settings saved successfully message), go into Services tab and wait until you see all the services reporting Status as Registered, periodically refresh the page using button provided

if this is a single node vRA appliance based environment, please skip to step 10) directly.

6) now proceed to second vRA node, login in VAMI
7) Navigate to vRA Settings -> Cluster
8) Provide the FQDN and credentials of the master node and hit join the cluster
9) Again give it about 10 to 15 minutes and check status of all the services to become Registered

– Please repeat step 6 to 9 for all the additional vRA appliances in vRA nodes cluster.

10) Clear cache in the browser and try to login with administrator@vsphere.local to default tenant

your administrator account password has been reset successfully.

Additional bits to consider:
If administrator@vsphere.local account was used at places like configuring vCAC plugin in vRO, make sure you update password at all those places.


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