vRA 7.x and Approval Request Timeout

we are talking about vRA 7.x and Approval Request raised via Approval Policy when a blueprint deployment request is raised.

let’s say you have a blueprint, on request of which there’s an approval policy triggers which is sending approval requst to corresponding approvers. How long are you willing to wait before it gets responded? few minutes, few hours, perhaps a day or two. But the purpose of this whole exercise (Private Cloud) is that you get a new deployment as soon as possible so you are not expecting your approval to take a week or two to come through. But what if approver is still making his/her mind about your request or may be approver is away and gets back to you with response on your approval request after two weeks time. What happens then. A couple of weeks back I was working with my colleague Arun Nukula on a similar case with one of our customers’ environment and a similar thing was noticed. We found that any new request which is pending on approval, if this waits for more then or equal to 8 days, even after getting approval (either accept or reject) it remains in “In Progress” state.

so timeout is more of a 7 days, from request submitted, to it enteres in Pending Approval state, until it gets approval response should be within 7 days time, anything beyond that and requst is stuck in “In Progress” state forever.

I am sure you are interested in finding out why this happens and if there’s a solution to overcome this 7 days limit somehow?? Yes, there’s a detailed description could be found at Arun Nukul’s blog post about the same thing.

Please note, currently there’s no such thing as Approval Request time out in the vRA 6.x.x/7.x product but I feel there should be something like that in place to avoid confusions.


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