Error – Blueprint component Machine – Correct the highlighted errors

Soon after changing vRA IaaS service account password and reflecting it at all the required places using VMware KB and we realize that all is well.

But we end up with some strange issuses like the one I am going to be explaining here. This was in vRA 7.3, all was working fine. But as per Enterprise Password policy (even for service account 🙁 ) they ended up changing service account password. as I said in first paragraph, reflecting this is an easy task as long as we follow steps in KB 2099949 but what about Custom property values stored in Property groups which are encrypted.

what we started facing was, at the time we try to submit a request form for majority of blueprints, we started facing this error.

Blueprint Component Machine – Correct the highlighted error


if we then go and look into component machine form, we don’t see any field highlighted, but error still persist.

this is when, go into Blueprint design, explore attached Property Groups, among those property groups, there would be one/more of the custom properties with encrypted value (like password field), just go ahead and retype values for those encrypted fields. Save the blueprint again. And raise a request form again, make sure you fill in all the required fields and submit the form. Error’s gone. 🙂


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