Updates: 31/Dec/2016
I achived my VCAP6-DCV Design status on 5th Of March 2016, as a matter of fact results were declared in the month of December 2016 but the month of March 2016 was the time when I appeared for the exam as Beta.

It was fantastic to see and live through those multiple design scenarios, where I was able to put my knowledge of best practices for vSphere 6 Enterprise Scale design, as well as Design phases like Conceptual Design, Logical (High Level) Design and Physical (Low Level) Desing,  Design qualifier like availability, manageability, performance, reliability, security, scalability and cost. various factors which can affect your design and Design Trade-Offs.

In short, those 4 hours in Exam hall is a best place to test your knowledge and come out with outcome (result), where you will come to know what you know about vSphere 6 design.

VCAP6-DCV Design exam is nicely formulated for an individual who wants to prove his/her worth to employer(s). Leading an easy path to become Infrastructure Architect.

VCAP6-DCV Deploy/Design Certificaiton Path
VCAP6-DCV Design Exam

Following content was published on 27th Feb 2015

I achieved my VCAP5-DCA status on 27th Feb 2015, that gave me also added leverage of becoming VCI Level 2.

It was really nice experience to attend this exam as it’s total lab exam, I would personally recommend every vSphere admin to take up VCAP5-DCV exam. It’s a real challenge and test of your knowledge.

Make sure that you go through Exam Blueprint and prepare yourself accordingly, that will definitely help you pass the exam.

Download exam blueprint for VCAP5-DCA from following link
VDCA550 Exam Blueprint & request auth. link

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