VMware vCenter 6.0 – deployment

Most I liked about it is same set of features in windows based vCenter server and Linux based appliance. And the way services are arranged in two parts, Platform Services Controller (PSC) and vCenter Server (Management Node).

Supports embedded PSC based deployment mode which is just one VM/Physical host with PSC and vCenter server both in it. suites for smaller environments and less complex management.

with compare to that distributed deployment of vCenter server goes like following
1) PSC deployment on a separate host
2) vCenter server deployment as Management Node

We can have one PSC with multiple vCenter management nodes, and to scale it out later, we can deploy further more PSCs in enhanced linked mode.

Major deployment difference between previous version vCenter 5.5 and vCenter 6.0 is that, in the previous version, when it came to do distributed deployment, we were able to install vCenter SSO, Inventory Services, Virtual Centre service, Web Client etc on separate machines, but in the vCenter 6 distributed deployment, we have PSC and Management Node, where PSC is having SSO, Lookup Service, VMCA, VECS, License Service, while management node is going to hold vCenter Server, Inventory Service, AutoDeploy, Dump Collector, Syslog Collector. In short we cannot separate them on different machines apart from those two which I have explained.

I would strongly advise you refer vSphere Installation and Setup Guide from following url
vSphere 6 Documentation Center



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